About Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines  are spiritual practices that help create the conditions in which we are open and receptive to the transforming work of God through His Holy Spirit.

There is nothing mystical or magical about them. They are not an end in themselves, a cause for pride or a means to achieve spiritual brownie points.

We are saved by grace, not works. But as Dallas Willard rightly points out, “Grace is opposed to earning, not to effort”.

Discipline is not a popular concept these days in either Christian or secular circles. Spiritual disciplines are often rejected (or treated with suspicion) by Christians because they can be associated with legalism or a works based theology of salvation.

“The spiritual disciplines are intended for our good. They are meant to bring the abundance of God into our lives. It is possible, however, to turn them into another set of soul-killing laws. Law-bound disciplines breathe death.” Richard Foster

 Spiritual disciplines are acts of devotion that express our willingness to place Jesus at the centre of our lives.

During retreat weekends, there will be ample opportunity to explore a variety of contemplative, Bible-centred practices.