Ongoing Retreat Homestead Ministry

The Retreat Homestead was the original house built on our property back in the 1890’s, and was home to various members of the Penrose family until June 2010. For 6 months it underwent a gentle facelift and was then made available to Christians (mostly serving in full-time ministry) to use for periods of rest, family holidays and small group camps. Our intention is to continue in this ministry, as well as using the homestead (and the farm) for more formal retreat groups.


A few words from past guests…

“We absolutely LOVE coming to the Retreat. The space, bird life, beautiful surrounds, ever changing sky and gorgeous house are wonderful but after six years of visits, we regard spending time with the Penroses as precious to us as the Retreat they provide. Richard and Kate have always shown us love, acceptance and a real listening ear. They have a great knack of turning conversations back to Jesus while being honest about life and its challenges. We always leave feeling restored and rejuvenated in our walk with the Lord.”

– Al and Sarah, Sydney

“Retreat is a place where you can come away to rest in Abba’s arms. The hills draw your eyes upward. The vast space gives you room to breathe. The sighing of the trees and quiet murmurings of his creatures quiet your spirit. The wonder of the star-strewn midnight sky humbles you and comforts you as you are reminded that He who knows the stars by name, also knows and loves you intimately.”

– Samantha, Gunnedah

“The Retreat Homestead was exactly what our family needed—peaceful, charming, beautiful, with nothing but chickens, cows, trees and sky for miles around. The home is beautifully set up for families with kids, and Richard and Kate are such warm, approachable, considerate hosts.  We can’t wait to see how God uses this place into the future, and are already looking forward to our next visit!”

– Derek and Anna, SE Asia