Retreat Days

You would be very welcome to join us for any of the retreat days scheduled for 2023. For more information about any of the retreats, to RSVP for a retreat, to enquire about costs or available accommodation, please contact us.

Unless specified, the retreats run for single Saturdays, from 9am until 3pm.

Come Away with Jesus

Upcoming Retreats

Saturday September 9th – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

We very rarely take time out to reflect on the role that our bodies play in Christian spiritual formation. Coming from an intellectual background, this has been a really interesting and stretching experience for us personally as we have considered this topic.

We are very aware that many of us (we are included in this) carry some negative “baggage” when it comes to our bodies. We feel that all the activities we have planned for this retreat day are very conservative/safe; all the sessions will be Bible-focused. There will still be lots of time for personal reflection but there may be a little more input than usual. You can choose to participate as much or as little as you like!
Ruth Haley-Barton explains the link between physicality and spirituality really well. She writes:

“My early lessons in flesh-and-blood spirituality began with growing my understanding that the physical and spiritual were not as opposed to each other as I had thought. I am not merely a soul and spirit; I am an embodied human being, and my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. In some unexplainable way God inhabits our bodies, making them a place where we can meet and know Him. Beginning with the Biblical account of creation, all the great themes of Scripture affirm the significance of the body as a place where the presence of God can be known and experienced. The Incarnation itself – Christ’s choice to take on flesh and inhabit a human body – forever elevates the experience of being in a body to new heights of spiritual significance.”

Saturday November 25th – Exploring Ignatian Christian Spirituality 
Led by a visiting speaker Sally Longley

Dr Sally Longley is based in Sydney and is a retreat leader and spiritual director. Her doctorate addresses aspects of Ignatian Christian Spirituality – this will be the focus of our retreat day on November 25th. On that day, Sally will lead us in exploring the key concepts of consolation and desolation, praying with Scripture (particularly gospel stories) and the prayer of Examen. We have actually touched on all of these things during past retreats, so it will be a wonderful opportunity to spend more time in these valuable devotional practices.